Something Creative – Part three.

The mystery behind this is called Life. It has a way of making you think and reflect on how far you've come and also about the people around you. A lot have envisioned to achieve something big for themselves and in the end, they don't draw motivation from those that are supposed to elevate them… Continue reading Something Creative – Part three.

(My) Mental Stress.

The year started off on a smooth note. I had ideas on how to live my life: so many positive and practical ideas, if you ask me. I carefully mapped out everything, (since last year was really unexpected) without adding the most important thing, school. I totally forgot that universities and colleges will reconsider opening… Continue reading (My) Mental Stress.

Something Creative – Part two.

Hey there! As promised, I created another segment on my blog. Hopefully, I will make it as a page when I get a proper layout of my blog. It doesn't mean that I wouldn't go back to the "usual". I want to see how far I can go with writing 'something close to' a poem.… Continue reading Something Creative – Part two.