What drives you?

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What a Wonderful day we are having today to share a very critical and of course annamazing topic. Questions are being brought up based on this huge topic, The purpose of this is to enlighten our inner mind on our existence in life as a whole. Saving my last ink for this very moment of our lives to openly discuss this as humans and mature people. You see, life is a very hard word to fully understand, why? Because it’s full of many surprises and things we should and shouldn’t do. Now, back to the topic. We can’t understand this by not defining the term “Drive” in a simple term.

According to most dictionaries worldwide and some of our local dictionaries we discovered that the verb “Drive” simply means to control, direct, or maybe motivate etc. Probably at this stage what drives so many people today are countless problems, frustration, pain, fear, unforgiveness,shame, regrets and materialism, that is quite expected. There are millions of things that drive your life but the ones above are the most common ones, let me explain a little further, shall we?.

1′. Driven by problems and frustration: Yes!, This is the commonest of them all, most of us are being driven by this. A lot of times we are always captivated with financial problems, relationship problems, religious problems, social issues and all that due to the society you find yourself, totally understandable. Waking up and having a mental breakdown due to this problems isn’t doing you any good. Sometimes you should just Lay back and think about Jesus, as long as you allow this force to drive you, you’ll continue to remain in it for as long as you live. Call upon God to reveal himself to you and I bet things will definitely work out for GOOD.

2′. Driven by unforgiveness: You not forget or let going of the past doesn’t change the fact that you’re still in it. Sometimes just “blow up” and tell the person how you feel rather than hoarding all resentment and bad things in you mind against the person. Let go of what may weigh you down and take away your focus in life. Resentment hurts more that the person who actually committed the offense cos you can’t stop thinking about the event, you keep playing it in your head over and over again leading to no satisfaction. The only option is to deviate from complete unforgiveness to your creator himself and let him take control over you.

3′. Driven by unpleasable parents and family: A lot of people keep complaining today that they’re tired one way or the other due to uncountable shouting and annoyance from parents and loved ones on how to rule their lives. So many letters are dropped everyday on how to eradicate this problem. Almost all of us spend most of our time acquiring what our parents have decided for us rather than asking ourselves what we want, even as at that, parents are not satisfied. The thing is, you owe no one your life and how to explore it except God almighty. In churches today, my church for example, we run a program, more like a counselling unit where most people are like”it’s my mother, she decides what I do in my home” and all that, No!, That shouldn’t be the case, people are getting frustrated and unhappy because they can’t stop pleasing the unpleasable. I know someone who takes anti-depressants just to calm herself down, will she take it forever?. Set your life how you want it and ask for directions from the lord God and you’ll be surprised.

I hope you’ve learnt a few things today, God is the only one for us.


Blogging about Goals.” Setting your priorities right”

Hey guys! Are you a blogger or a reader? Do you want to uphold your blogging sites for the best? Do you lack things to discuss?. Don’t worry I’m here to help!. Everyday we come up with very exciting topics that one needs to learn or talk about. I just like creating awareness on certain topics which you should also do!.I I have here @ Cheri Lucas Rowlands who is an amazing blogger she started like you!. The only difference here is you and your posts. I may not have those super mature post but its my choice. Today’s topic is quite simple its all about goal getters, achievers, successors and all. I present to you the topic… ” set a goal that makes you jump out of bed in the morning”


I’m pretty sure after this you’ll have one or two things to say. Achievers remain achievers only if you decide on what you want. First things first we must define the word Goal. The word”GOAL” literary means the result that one is attempting to achieve, the object of desire, purpose and aspiration. What you really need may be someone else’s least of their worries. You have to set your standards right. When you have drawn out your Target for the year or period of time whatsoever, stick to it, why?, because it makes you achieve it, makes you a stronger person, makes you agile and agitated to get to that point. Let me share this story;back in the 1840’s or 1845 to be precise, there was this girl who had a goal and wanted to be recognized for something, her father was an ancient collector and always followed her father to a cave to search for ancient artifacts, she finally found one and she is celebrated, not just in her country but all over the world. Do you know who that girl is? She is ‘Maria de Satuola!.Imagine a girl of 9 years old or less made it, why can’t you. When you set a goal, you’ll end up getting it.

That’s the lesson for today, everyone has a goal and we’re all hoping to achieve it. Let’s aspire, let’s set goal that makes you ready to get it. For questions and suggestions, contact me on social media. On Instagram its @__Pink.vodka or @_tegaah. Thank you!

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Hey guys…. I’m  here again with another one. I’m pretty sure you will be like ” what is she saying again or why all this”, but its important. Apart from Glam and fashion styles(which we’ll get to), let’s focus on reality.
We all face difficulties right!!!, things seem as if the road is unending but at the end of every darkness,light sets in. No matter the path or crowd you find yourself, no matter how bad life is, we all get to a beautiful destination. People go through different things and they complain, you have to acquire strength or be boisterous enough to ignite your engine to that Paradise you want. The richest men in the world didn’t just start today…. They went through  that bumpy road to succeed in life. Success isn’t a one day thing, you have to work hard and anticipate for that season of your life. The presidents, chief superiors of different works of life has a story to tell, they didn’t just pick the post or position, they worked hard for it.

I went through a documentary online and one of the richest men in the world(Nigerian) said ‘those that want to be like me in one day cannot do it…, why!because it took me almost 30 years to attain to the level that I am. Youth should get up and strive for it’.. Never give up, strive to get to that beautiful destination you want to get through, who knows the clock of greatness can turn to your side..Thank you….

You will find that it is necessary to let things go

  • Hey guys, so today we are talking about ” let it go”.What does this word mean? It literally means to forfeit, remove, disengage, distort things or issues bothering the society, life, nation at large. When things are bothering you, let it off your chest. Enjoy your life and keep faith alive. Most people suffer major disorders due to over occupied mind.
  • A mind is over occupied when there is over occupied when there are over 2000 things that you’ve failed to get rid of. The word “worry” is a very broad word. To disturb one’s peace of mind, mentally, emotionally, socially.To be distressed about everyday’s hustle. A popular phrase goes thus “you’ll find that it is necessary to let things go simply for the reasons that are heavy”. I may not know every one’s heart but please let go. This topic has different explanations but I only tabled out one to you. No matter how heavy your heart is, no matter the pain and stress you go through. Just smile.

    Introduction:Meet bloggerville’s Director 😊😁

    Hi guys… I’m new here and i literally need directions. Opening a blog is tedious but i had to. I’m here to put forward things bothering countries and the world.Please i need u all to follow me so that we can rub minds together. I’m actually an African “Nigerian” to be precise!

    Here are some details me:

    Q:Good day dear, please can you describe yourself?! me:Of course!:I’m Tegaah,I’m a teen blogger and future activist.

    Q:why did you choose to be a blogger and activist as you say? me:I chose blogging because its comforts me about issues of life and how to deal with them, to broaden my knowledge on things that I’ve not studied before and to definitely educate the people, the masses, the world at large. For being an activist, I figured out that there are so many people out there that need a voice, someone to bring them out of the dark and make them happy, I find out disturbing things about people that keep me in tears at times.

    Q:Apart from being an activist what other thing or course keeps you motivated? me: I would say a whole lot of things first thing first, my career keeps me going and it needs a lot of concentration and cooperation from different angles and the world, I feel that there are forces that telling me to continue and I have to do it.

    Q: I heard that you have a lot to present to the table, if I may ask can you share some of them? me:Well, I would say quite a lot is on ground, some are health wise, news about the world and maybe a little bit of fashion styles!
    Q:That’s splendid to hear, is there anything you would like to tell the world or your readers? me:I would like to say, be yourself, be humble, keep reading, keep reaching out to people and of course hope for the best!

    Let’s hope for something soon and I’m open to questions and suggestions, with love from me! 💕