The God Factor.

Hello beautiful readers and followers. How are you all doing? Especially with the pandemic and social distancing😭. Well, Thank you for checking out my blog!❤️

 This topic came about during one of my self discovery days but this time, I got to know the man above better and I feel like sharing. Yeah, I love sharing!😃. Follow me guys😊;

Okay. So, many years ago, I found myself as a Christian but not really inclined with the word of God. You see, I was born into a family of Christian parents, die hard fans of the word of God. My mom, till date, she is a prayer warrior as heck. You can’t afford to sleep comfortably during prayers or you’ll be told to stand. Always annoying if you ask me.

In my mind, I’ll be like;

“Mommy please, I’m tired. I’m following you.”

When deep down, I couldn’t hear a single prayer point, nothing. Why? Because I didn’t see the use or purpose. Right now, my eyes are opened to the existence of God. Science inclined students, especially people like me, we were told to put anything religion aside and from there, we took it extra. My life wasn’t complete without him and when I allowed him to take a place in my life, I became complete!

I remember during my early school days, I was so engrossed in school work and other activities. Monday to Friday was solely dedicated to school affairs, even Sunday! I didn’t feel anything was wrong at that time. Now, I feel free. . . Different too, in a good way.

The God Factor deals with everything about God, his usefulness, significance and who he really is. Religion-wise, everyone needs God, someone to count on, pray to and put their trust on. This is why there is an Almighty who came to give us a new life and name. Are you following?

Let me share what I gained when I became in tune with God and his word.

1. Peace of mind; He told us in his word that he will grant us peace. This is what I’ve been experiencing since this lockdown. Before, I was always worried about a lot of things, my life, family, secret things too. He gave me that assurance that everything will be okay. He even told me that he calmed the storm, when no one else could.  

2. You will always be victorious. In anything you do, what you lay your hands on will prosper. Let me give you an example, it’s relating to me though. Check this out;

Many years ago, when I was younger, my dad needed money for our wellbeing. There was no one to turn to and do you know what happened? My dad prayed to him, to God.

A parent from my school called my dad and requested for something. It wasn’t relating to my dad’s job but my dad looked for whatever it was. Miraculously, it sold and my dad got the money for the family.

So, that is what you stand to gain. You will not have to cry or shed a tear or beg for whatever you want or need. Jeremiah 33 Vs 3, Ephesians 3 Vs 20-21 backs me up here. 

3. Everlasting life; He told us that he will give is everlasting life if we’re with him. Check out the popular verse John 3 Vs 16. You’ll see what he says there. 

4. Fellowship with him; This is the most important of them all. Fellowship, in my opinion means communication (In this case, one on one.), conversation, etc. You’ll be hearing from him directly. Many people do hear from God through dreams, vision and other means.My mom told me sometime ago that I’m supposed to hear from God because back then, I was complaining about the fact that I don’t dream or see anything. Then she told me to have a personal fellowship with God. Now, Do you hear from God? Do you want to hear from God? It’s very simple, just fellowship with him. Give him your time, your heart, your mind, your everything.

You see, I learnt all these from him within a short time. My friends introduced me to this online Christian fellowship and my life has gotten better. It has changed because I put God as a factor in my life. 

This pandemic, the world crisis has brought so many non-christians to God. You too can come to him. It isn’t too late. He is always ready to accept new people.

Thanks for reading. ❤️

“Amazing Grace.”

I sat down one day in cool air and started thinking about random things and this two words suddenly came to my mind and words began to flow from nowhere. Here it goes; Born into a family of two at that time many many years ago, she was their jewel, their pride, their first born and they named her Amazing-Grace. She was watched from “Toddler hood” to where she is now, not without other children in the way, expanding the family. Grace had many life battles while growing up, from falling ill to having other issues. Many other battles naturally surfaced everyone but she tried her possible best to overcome it. She had a lovely childhood full of drama, laughter, excitement and the saddest one yet, tears and pain which made it even more memorable. As she grew older, she started having a mind of her own, a voice she could use and hold into. Many lessons showed forth in some part of her life and indeed, she kept them to herself. Grace knew who to love, hate, punish and imitate. She also learnt about the wickedness of men which she still uses as a way of punishing people. Call her evil, a maniac or stupid, she loves her personality. Amazing Grace is a person whose character the world relates to, she is attentive, observant, a great listener and other special qualities people have added to her name. Speaking of favour, Grace is classified “Lucky” to have such a gift attached to her name. This single gift has made light shine to every member of her family. Maybe that is why she is tagged “Amazing Grace.”

The value(s) of a mother.

A mother doesn’t just mean the one who gave birth to you or weaned you. A mother is someone you look up to, your supporter. She reprimands you, plays with you, prays with you and commends you when It Is needed.

A mother stands by you during the toughest times in your life. She is virtuous and hardworking. She can’t see her children not well taken care of.

A mother is a strong woman. She bears the burden with the father of her children and even that of her children.

A mother is entitled to beat and scold the child when he or she goes astray or wants to go astray.

A mother encouraged her children when they aren’t happy with themselves. This is where support comes in.

A mother is the best adviser you can ever get. When friends are telling you pleasing words, your mother tells you the truth without mincing words. She often says to me and I quote, “it is only me that can ever tell you the truth about yourself.” She advises get girl child on the dangers of this sinful world.

Everyday, pray for your mother, sing to her, cry with her when she’s in tears because the love a mother has for her child is stronger than that of the father.

Happy New Year Everyone!❤️

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Fight the fight.

Hello once again my lovelies. It brings me great joy to see each and every one of you taking notes and visiting my page. For that I say a very big THANK YOU! to all of you. Today, I’ve brought a new one I titled “Fight the Fight.”

Yeah, yeah, it might sound cliché like the rest but this one’s different. You know, In my own context, to fight simply means getting tired of an old habit and seeking for a new and positive one.

For example, at the bus station, most people fight to get there early so as to avoid missing the bus even the train station. Some also fight to beat traffic everyday so as to not getting to work or business late.

You too career and dream chasers, you have to fight to achieve your dreams. I take exams every three weeks (or so), Do you know what I do when I have exams? I fight sleep in order to excel (or pass at least). That’s the drill! If you want things to change for the better you have to fight the old attitude so that you’ll get to your actual destination.

My very good friend and motivator told me something and I’m telling you now. She made me understand that for me to excel in school and in life, I must read hard and fight for what I want. Today, I took that advice and it has worked so many times in my life. God bless her!

Even in the hospital, when you’re sick or when someone has a terminal illness, they battle and fight it with drugs and some antibiotics. People fight cancer, infective endocarditis or even hepatitis and all sorts, do they give up?

You tell yourself that “I have to fight for what I want whether it is convenient for me or not.” Oprah didn’t stop her life at a tender age, she had to fight to get out of that rough and ugly situation she found herself in. Also, the famous paediatric neurosurgeon we all know today, Dr Ben Carson started too as a Dullard and he fought his way to making an impact in the world. You should use their success story as a challenge to the ladder you’re about to reach.

In all, fight for what you want and I promise you, you’ll get it!

Tegaah’s Journal


“Impossible!” Was the first word that Rume’s mother said. Rume was so ashamed of herself. The mess she had gotten herself into is a scar for life. She didn’t know where to start from. Her wish of being a doctor vanished into thin air. She was devastated. Her mother gave her the beating of her life time at the hospital. Many patients had to intervene if not she would have died on the spot. “I thought I sent you to school to learn, how did this happen?” Was her mother’s word in the midst of her cries. She became speechless. She didn’t know that doing it will cause this consequence. She remembered Kola, the roadside Mechanic who promised her an I phone 7 if she agreed to it…she stupidly agreed. “Who gave you this?! Show me the idiot that impregnated you right now!” Her mother was already losing it. Still looking for the right words and another round of beating landed on her body making her to talk. Her mother was disappointed, ashamed and angry. There was nothing she could do, the deed had already been done. After so many days, Rume decided to abort the pregnancy. She couldn’t afford to lose her opportunities in life. She had to do it. On a fateful morning, she went to one of the Local hospitals down the town and decided to get rid of the baby. “I can’t live in shame forever, I have to do this.” She thought within herself. Hanging her legs for the abortion, she died after trying to regain consciousness, she had lost a lot of blood! Oh Rume! This serves as a lesson to every GIRL CHILD, don’t believe everything anyone tells you no matter how sweet they paint that life to be.

Oh no!; A Short Story.

Jane didn’t know that was the last time she’ll see her dad.
He left them at a young age.

He wasn’t coming back.

Her mom and dad got into a fight and her dad abandoned her with two children.(a boy and a girl)

They’re both teenagers, 16 and 14 respectively with no father to cater for them.

He said,”As your mother keeps paying the bills, I will never come back.”

Of course her mom is the breadwinner of the family!

Jane was shattered and broken as she’s the first born.

She withdrew from people because of this. She never kept friends, her mom too was broken….Even her younger brother!.

It got worse when she turned 20. Everyman that told her that they were interested in marrying her she’ll say, “my father wasn’t in my life and for that I hate men with perfect hatred!”

It got so bad that her mother feared that her only daughter wouldn’t get married…She dreaded that for sure.

After series of prayer and fasting, Tomi gave in for marriage!

Mistake; You can’t afford to make it…Again.

Have you ever made a mistake that has shattered you or your dreams? Have you ever given up on something due to a mistake you made in the past? Is your past mistake hunting your NOW?. Are you thinking of ending it all because of a mistake? Has your mistake ever broken you to irrepairable pieces?

In life, a lot of US make mistakes due to one situation or the other, maybe at that time you didn’t know what you were thinking and you had no other option. I made reference to the word ‘Us‘ because we all make mistakes. I have no idea of what your mistake might be or how it has eaten deeply into your soul but I’m very very sure it’s not the end of the road at all. Every bend you take is not the end for there’s a reason why that mistake had to happen. Recently, I read a book that actually brought me in tears and also happiness at the end because the ‘person in question‘ used her mistake to her advantage and made a headway in life today. The mistake she made was a very embarrassing one and it almost made her take her own life. At first, for the past four years, she couldn’t go to the university and she had to strive for what she ever wanted, to be a Lawyer and a renowned poet.

The famous, Maya Angelou at 19 made a mistake that led to the birth of her son Guy, but right now the whole world celebrates her as one of the most successful authors in the world. Is your mistake the same as Maya’s or even at a younger age and are you willing to turn it around for your good? The only step to take is to never give up. It might have stopped your education but you can bounce back and get back on track. You should also seek counsel from people and never repeat the same mistake again. 

Many of us are shattered in one way or the other but Hey! You can be fixed. The world needs strong people like you who can become something better and be celebrated. Remember all hope is not lost and there are still more years to make amends. Don’t let your past hunt your future, do away with it and make the best out of it.

Lemme tell you something important; it took me to lose a year of my life because I didn’t gain admission into the university. Do you know what happened to me? I cried all through that year and I felt so bad that I wasted my year not being in school. It really broke me and made me withdraw from people and do you know what? The following year I read hard and I went for an A-Level program and right now I am in my second year!

If I had allowed myself to waste away or get broken by that, I bet I will still be thinking about my life right now and I would gotten into depression mode.

My pastor made me realize that, “What you do with your past will facilitate what will happen in the future.” 

In all, I don’t want you to end it all just Because you can’t handle your past. That will be a disaster if you do! It should even be a stepping stone to greater heights in your life. You must live to excel and tell your story. Don’t allow just one mistake or too many mistakes ruin an amazing person that you are. Everyday you are to tell yourself words of encouragement, you should look at yourself in the mirror and prophecy good and pleasant words to yourself.

Tell yourself words like; “I am beautiful”, “I am strong”, “I am here to conquer”, “Whatever that has happened in the past is supposed to make me and not to break me because I am an amazing soul.” 

If you’ve never made a mistake that has broken you then I congratulate you and I urge you be careful and also be watchful. Let’s come together and stand as achievers.

Writing; The beginning and its power.

Heyy. I’m here….Again.  Before I start I have this awesome app on my phone where people from all over the world read books and write one as they please. Well, I’m currently working on a book and I really want you to read it and tell me what you think. I titled it “Stepping up” by “teggielala” on “WATTPAD” and I promise you all the fun as you join me on my roller coaster to success. Thanks! Now, Let’s get to work now. Believe me when I say writing is tedious. It has to do with the mind and soul working together to achieve a point. Constant thinking and inspiration has to go in it. An ideal individual takes time to process different informations and filter the useful ones to create one beautiful piece. Going into blogging is definitely a huge one because we have to find the perfect match to connect the people round the world. I blog and it has given me the chance to learn and understand things I have never looked at before. Writing gives one rays of hope and proper sanity as in the case of those with mental health issues. I have come to understand that “Writing is a thing of the mind and soul, A complete sensation one enjoys and a message that must be fulfilled.”   Indeed, great authors started from “Finding” their inspiration and”Running” towards it. The passion for writing has spread all over the world as it has enabled individuals to put down what they see, hear or feel. Write! For it’s all one needs.

What drives you?


What a Wonderful day we are having today to share a very critical and of course an amazing topic. Questions are being brought up based on this huge topic. 

The purpose of this is to enlighten our inner mind on our existence in life as a whole. Saving my last ink for this very moment of our lives to openly discuss this as humans and mature people. You see, life is a very hard word to fully understand, why? Because it’s full of many surprises and things we should and shouldn’t do. Now, back to the topic. We can’t understand this by not defining the term “Drive” in a simple term.

According to most dictionaries worldwide and some of our local dictionaries we discovered that the verb, “Drive” simply means to control, direct, or maybe motivate etc. Probably at this stage what drives so many people today are countless problems, frustration, pain, fear, unforgiveness,shame, regrets and materialism, that is quite expected. There are millions of things that drive your life but the ones above are the most common ones, let me explain a little further, shall we?

1′. Driven by problems and frustration: Yes! This is the commonest of them all, most of us are being driven by this. A lot of times we are always captivated with financial problems, relationship problems, religious problems, social issues and all that due to the society you find yourself, totally understandable. Waking up and having a mental breakdown due to this problems isn’t doing you any good. Sometimes you should just Lay back and think about Jesus, as long as you allow this force to drive you, you’ll continue to remain in it for as long as you live. Call upon God to reveal himself to you and I bet things will definitely work out for GOOD.

2′. Driven by unforgiveness: You not forget or let going of the past doesn’t change the fact that you’re still in it. Sometimes just “blow up.” and tell the person how you feel rather than hoarding all resentment and bad things in you mind against the person. Let go of what may weigh you down and take away your focus in life. Resentment hurts more that the person who actually committed the offense cos you can’t stop thinking about the event, you keep playing it in your head over and over again leading to no satisfaction. The only option is to deviate from complete unforgiveness to your creator himself and let him take control over you.

3′. Driven by unpleasable parents and family: A lot of people keep complaining today that they’re tired one way or the other due to uncountable shouting and annoyance from parents and loved ones on how to rule their lives. So many letters are dropped everyday on how to eradicate this problem. Almost all of us spend most of our time acquiring what our parents have decided for us rather than asking ourselves what we really want and how we can achieve it, even as at that, parents are not satisfied. The thing is, you owe no one your life and how to explore it except God almighty. In churches today, my church for example, we run a program, more like a counselling unit where most people are like”it’s my mother, she decides what I do in my home.” and all that, No! That shouldn’t be the case, people are getting frustrated and unhappy because they can’t stop pleasing the unpleasable. I know someone who takes anti-depressants just to calm herself down, will she take it forever? Set your life how you want it and ask for directions from the lord God and you’ll be surprised!

Goals; Setting your priorities right.


Are you a blogger or a reader? Do you want to uphold your blogging sites for the best? Do you lack things to discuss? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Everyday we come up with very exciting topics that one needs to learn or talk about. I just like creating awareness on certain topics which you should also do!. The only difference here is you and your posts. I may not have those super mature post but it’s my choice. Today’s topic is quite simple its all about goal getters, achievers, successors and all. I present to you the topic, “Set a goal that makes you jump out of bed in the morning.”


I’m pretty sure after this you will have one or two things to reflect on. Achievers remain achievers only if you decide on what you want. First things first we must define the word Goal.

The word “Goal” literary means the result that one is attempting to achieve, the object of desire, purpose and aspiration. What you really need may be someone else’s least of their worries. You have to set your standards right. When you have drawn out your Target for the year or period of time whatsoever, stick to it, why? because it makes you achieve it, makes you a stronger person, makes you agile and agitated to get to that point.

Let me share this story;back in the 1840’s or 1845 to be precise, there was this girl who had a goal and wanted to be recognized for something, her father was an ancient collector and always followed her father to a cave to search for ancient artifacts, she finally found one and she is celebrated, not just in her country but all over the world. Do you know who that girl is? She is ‘Maria de Satuola!

Imagine a girl of nine years old or less made it, why can’t you. When you set a goal, you’ll end up getting it.

That’s the lesson for today, everyone has a goal and we’re all hoping to achieve it. Let’s aspire, let’s set goal that makes you ready to get it. For questions and suggestions, contact me on social media. On Instagram,  @teggie.lala 

Thank you!