Meet Me!: A year different.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog, if you haven’t been here. Join us, there’s plenty of space at the back of the last person. You’ll catch up, don’t worry!

Yes, it’s my birthday today! I am extremely grateful to see another year. Last year was, well last year. Not much excitement as the pandemic hit countries and we were forced to go home. It wasn’t funny because I planned to enjoy my day in a special way. Well, that has passed and we have to keep going. I learnt so much last year. In fact, many of those lessons play in my head when my mind brings it close and all I do is to apply them when needed and move on to another phase.

Last year, my writing skills improved. It made me realize that you can produce beautiful things with time, good frame of mind and dedication. I sure had A LOT of time to put into my work and it did get better. I wrote a book too. The holiday was extremely long and there wasn’t much to do, I picked up my phone one fine morning and started writing nonstop for months. The reviewing and editing work is still under construction. Maybe, just maybe, I might share a part of it here.

Last year was full of fun and mixed memories; I met new people, conversed with brilliant minds, practiced my culinary skills well and so many other things that I didn’t think of ever doing. You can tell I have already added a lot to my portfolio. Why? Because man shouldn’t depend on one thing alone. Man should be multitasking. Man should grow out of one space and I am MAN.

Birthdays are reminders, like an alarm clock that tells you how far you’ve come and what you are still yet to achieve. Achievement isn’t all what a birthday is for, it is simply reminding you of how old you are getting. I saw something somewhere. The guy is always reminded about his true self on his birthday. Birthdays creates smiles on most people’s faces. A lot of text messages here and there. You’re the star for that day. You practically get all the attention, even when you know it wouldn’t be there till another three-hundred and sixty-five days. You get to live in the now, the moment.

How far have I grown?

Better than last year, if you ask me! Super blessed and different! I unlearned the things that are not necessary. I took many bold steps and strived to achieve them. And yes, I feel myself looking different than the previous year.

There are a few things I have highlighted that you need to know about me;

1. I was born left-handed: Now, I am right-handed. The story isn’t that long. The school I attended when I was a baby found it difficult to teach me and I bet, there weren’t many schools around so, right it is. I practically had no idea until my mom made mention about it.

2. I wear glasses: It started from a very early age, four years old. I still wonder how I looked in my first photograph with glasses. Yes, I’ll call it a family thing. I carefully studied my father’s side of my family tree and almost all of them wear glasses and are shortsighted. It definitely passed down, in my opinion.

3. I love kids: Maybe not all kids, though. But, what’s there no to like in them. They are innocent, peaceful, easy correctable and of course, don’t behave like adults. Kids these days are doing quite a lot. Technology has advanced so did their brains. I remember talking to my brother one time and he went on and on with questions till I shunned him. I was super tired of “What if. . .”
Maybe my love for kids has made major in paediatrics or something.

4. I rarely take pictures: I know, it seems absurd for a girl. I feel, is it everyday, though? I mean, I take once in a while and I think that’s enough. Don’t stare at me!

5. I am a prudent spender: I save well too. Very well, if you ask me. Why? Because I think about the rainy days and what will happen at that time. I save money that people will never expect. One time, I found a thousand naira in my pocket. Sweetches!

6. This leads to me being an overthinker: Yep! I think a lot and my mind wanders for hours! I can’t say it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Thinking isn’t that bad, is it? I think for everyone and that includes my family. Unhealthy? I’ll stop then.

7. My brain power: I wouldn’t go much into the details. It is something simple and different from most ‘humans’. My brain is simply a picture or a file full of documents and pictures and my eyes, they are like a camera. Trust me, there are thousands of files in my brain and I have no idea. No, I am not a robot!

8. Grammar: I am super attracted to people that speak proper English and have good dictions. C’mon! You don’t expect me to talk to people with broken grammar. That’s the end of our friendship!

9. Fantasy: It’s normal. Especially when you’re an avid reader that does nothing else but sit on the bed to finish up a one-hundred to two-hundred chapter book. If you know Trevor Jackson or Jorge Lendenborg then, you’ll get me.

10. I prefer reading a book to watching the movie, except! Kissing booth. Does that sound weird? Nah!

That’s me! What year was this picture taken? Take a guess. . .

28 thoughts on “Meet Me!: A year different.”

  1. Happy Birthday in Arrears Tega!!! It’s pretty impressive to see how far you’ve grown over the years and ha! you’re just like my sis, she’s a photo-shy person too if that’s how I can put it.

    Cheers to more wins!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Happy belated birthday Tega❣️❣️
    You’re not alone in the overthinking part. I’m trying to reduce it because I can’t anymore.
    I started wearing glasses at a young age too. 9 or 10, can’t really remember now and my both parents wear glasses too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Wendy!❤️

      Oh, wow! We are in this together. The people around me say it’s too bad for my mental health but I can’t.

      Glasses, awwn. Mine was at four. I wonder how😂💔



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