Failure then Excuses.

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Yes, I know. I am guilty. You are guilty of this too. Everyone with blood running through their veins in this world is. Failure and excuses work hand in hand. We keep ‘shifting’ the blame to someone else in one way or the other—the innocent ones, most especially. Feeling the heat for your own mistakes, (insensitivity), incompetence, forgetfulness is definitely a lot to share all by yourself. Sometimes, you’ve just got to Man(or woman) up and say, I made a mistake and I will try to be better. It doesn’t kill, does it?

I have come across so many sites, blogs, even articles explaining reasons for failure and one of them is, Excuses, which includes blaming one for why you didn’t do well. It speaks to all of us, including me. Letting yourself know that your actions were strictly taken by you actually helps you to be a better person and also overcome that current bad phase you are experiencing. Living in denial doesn’t only slow your growth rate, it also makes you a fool to yourself and only you. Funny? Not quite.

Let me explain, there are a bunch of people outside waiting to listen to the ‘stories’ you have to tell them BUT, the bitter reaction you feel is still with you. It hasn’t left. You didn’t confess them out. Failure isn’t about the limited time you had or how you didn’t get enough sleep to prepare for your tests or how your boss at work gave you limited time to prepare for a company meeting. Failure is making excuses for why you failed and not taking actions against not making the same mistake again. Failure means many things and this is one of them.

My mother always made something clear to us while we were growing up. From what I know, she is the most educated person in her family. She is so real, straightforward and practical that she doesn’t calm me down when I fail. She snaps me right out of it after hearing what I have to say. She made mention of so many things, some that I can never forget. What did she say? “You seriously messed up! You keep saying the same thing. . .stop giving excuses for your inactions. People that always shy away from what they are supposed to do end up being complete and total failures.” I was stunned, what did she mean? I now know.

Failure isn’t a bad thing, alright. It makes you stronger. It makes you learn. It gives you a better approach on certain situations that you didn’t come across at first. It makes you realize that the easy and calm way doesn’t work all the time. It also makes you grow. You’ve got to step up and do the right thing.

Oprah once said, “Think like a queen. A queen is never afraid of failure. Failure is only a stepping stone to greatness.” But then, there is a clause after that, . . .only IF you don’t continually make excuses. Making excuses equals to making the same mistake and making the same mistake equals to continuous/ repeated failure.

Quick question, How do we deal with failure? It’s a general term referring to us all.

1. Accept that you failed: It isn’t simple, neither is it hard to do. BUT, it is the first and overall key step that you know you didn’t do something right. Letting your mind know what you did helps a lot and also creates an avenue for you not to repeat it again.

2. Avoid making excuses!: Stop the blame game. Glad I explained this area well. Didn’t get it? Read my mini-paragraph two and three again.

3. Try again: Most people that fail, especially when they think they can’t rise back on their feet end up quitting. Failing once doesn’t make you a cursed person, same goes for failing a hundred times. You keep trying and trying until you say BINGO! It’s just like the game we play. Do you ever give up when you don’t surpass that level? I believe your answer is no. Business owners didn’t give up when they stopped making sales. Doctors didn’t give up when they couldn’t operate on a delicate part of the body. So, what’s making you give up? Why don’t you Yell at that force, Get your head back in whatever you’re doing and Move forward!

. . .Many will vow to not blame others after reading this,

But then,

We are human and will still do it. . .again and again.

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Failure then Excuses was first published on Tega’s Journal


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3 thoughts on “Failure then Excuses.”

  1. I think we always tend to think of failure as a very negative thing and that’s why we make all these excuses to show that we didn’t actually fail and it wasn’t our fault. However, sometimes it is our fault and that’s okay. Like you said it’s okay to fail because it’s a learning experience.

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