My Movie Experience.

Hello there! We’ve officially gotten into a new month within a flash. Yes, it is surprising to me too. How has the year been so far? For me, just great. Luckily, the pandemic isn’t so high like before, although some countries are still facing it big time. I really hope we get to be free one day. Away from the whole hassle and stress of social distancing.

Guys, I watched a movie recently. It’s a 2019 movie, anyway. Not a big fan of movies but, I’m glad I watched it at the perfect time. What’s the title? Just mercy. Listen, I cried when I watched it. What am I saying? I wailed. Normally, I don’t really get so emotional when I watch or read something. This one was different. It gave me chills. . . goosebumps even. I cursed when I got to certain parts because I couldn’t take it. It was so painful to see people incarcerated without proper investigation.

Black lives matter. In fact, All Lives matter. People are not considering this at all. It’s sad to hear that people are suffering for what they didn’t do, hoping and praying that someone picks up their case file and help them. A lot of the poor people out there are silenced because the community feels that they can’t pay their way out of it. They are treated with disdain. Some families can’t even pick up their lives after the incident. I am upset!

When I watched the movie slowly, I was wondering why it was a bit slow. I kept asking myself, “What is the message?” I wasn’t getting it. It later dawned on me that it is a True life story. Seriously, that happened to people?! It is still happening till today. What are the countries involved doing about it? Why would they put innocent people into emotional trauma because of their inefficiency? Why?

Can someone agree with me that there are so many “Johnny D’s” currently serving jail terms eating deep into having a normal life? Or those that were executed because no one could fight for them. Are there many Bryan Stevenson’s still in the world today? It’s so funny how after thirty years of staying in jail, one of the guys finally got released. That is to say, his case was suspended till the same Bryan Stevenson came to free him. Can you imagine that?

Another one happened last year or two years ago. Some people know him now. He went for AGT. His name is Archie Williams. Do you guys know that he spent thirty seven years in jail? DNA freed him! How old was he at that time? He was barely twenty-two years old. That blew my mind. I was shocked to the marrow that a greater part of his life was wasted because he had no voice. Do you want to know the most annoying part of it all? His family testified that he was at home when the incident occurred. He had no idea about what happened or whether someone died in his vicinity. No one believed him. No one believed his family.

And now, from reading the report, they plainly apologized to the family. Can they bring back those years? Of course not! Archie said that “they just wanted someone to pay for it” 1982-2019, he was there. He is now sixty years old. Very, very sad.

Are there still people out there trying to free others? Can we fight for their release? Is anyone bothered about them?

Have you heard of cases like that? What is Justice to you? I want to know your views.

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