It is often spoken that, it is difficult to let go. I have heard that a couple of times and I understand. It can be hard at times, most times. To let go of the muddled up things you’ve kept inside cannot go to the dust easily. There are certain steps to take and that can only be done, one day at a time.

Forgiveness can mean a lot of things to different kinds of people, depending on the nature of what hurt them. I term forgiveness in three simple words, freeing your mind. Your mind is like a place that holds unto information that no one else, other-than you knows.

It is more of a warehouse where secret informations are kept. Speaking for myself. No amount of bottled feelings can stay in my heart. Certainly, there are several other things that are in a file stored in me so, negative things do not have a place in my heart. I quickly discard them because they tend to cause heaviness in the heart.

Forgiveness entails you telling yourself that I can release. Literally speaking, removing that roadblock to having inner peace. It all starts by a confession and then, creating space from a choked-up mind. When you come out of a heated argument, what do you do? You reflect on the activity, what prompted it, if your reaction was necessary. Even if it was, sometimes, the rest of your week will be full of that thought. It’s true. You even dream about it. Your life can be distorted till you finally get rid of the feelings.

Forgiveness means to ‘forgive’ and forgive is an acceptable word used in various races, religions and even normal life.

One ordinary evening, I sat by my bedside and began to ponder on possible ways by which I could have hurt someone and then, it suddenly hit me, I did offend someone. That’s where retracing of steps come in to mend the almost loose relationship.

Forgiveness brings about peace restoration and happiness. Who knows? The mind of the person that has upset you/you’ve upset can change. The repulsive attitude showered on you can be nullified within a heartbeat.

Forgiveness heals. It cures. It forgets. It soothes. It makes a life. It rekindles love. It promotes unity.

Forgiveness is necessary.

. . .Because when we do, we feel free. Our burdens are gone. We forge higher.


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19 thoughts on “Forgiveness.”

  1. Don’t we fear if people might forgive us or not? When it is our turn to forgive someone, how we shall do it?

    Forgiveness is a quality. Use it properly.

    Some people understand you, say sorry for their mistakes. Some behave too weird, you just want to stay away from them. I was reading a quote on β€œ Seeking ”, it says –

    What you seek is seeking you.😊

    I don’t want to live a miserable life. I wish my dream ideas can grow.

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    1. I do. Everyone does. We clear that doubt by trying. . .again, again and again(when the situation seems tight). Forgiveness is a two way thing; You render yourself and the other’s grudge melts. undone. How do we do it? We have to imbibe it. Inculcate the habit. Open our hearts for it. For peace and for sanity.

      Yes, I agreeπŸ™‚

      Saying sorry doesn’t buy it. The person has to show it. The heart, body and soul must portray it. Definitely, surely, painstakingly, the other will give in.

      We seem to think alike there. Fingers crossed and constant hard-work helps.

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  2. Great post- really got me thinking! In my opinion, forgiveness is sometimes more healing and therapeutic for the person forgiving because it frees you. I think forgiveness is important- it takes time and some things are unforgiveable or may seem that way but forgiving feels better in the long run.

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  3. Good advice and life lessons Tega. Thanks for this. I see forgiveness as more about me and how it frees me than for someone else. The person forgiven is a by-product of my healing. Thanks again. Good piece. Dee

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