To overcome a loss.

Hello there! Welcome to October! Time, everything is moving so fast. Gladly, we are alive and moving. I guess that’s vital. It is worth being thankful for.

Today, this post is centered on a recent event that happened. It occurred on Sunday and it is all over the internet. Most blogs are publishing the news. Why is this sudden information penned down here? That’s because it is about someone I know. A distant, yet a close being of mine.

Let’s just say we have a lot of work to do concerning the country, Nigeria. Of course, you’ve somehow heard about the name from somewhere. To be honest, we need help. The whole nation does. I zeroed my mind from popular participation the moment things started going the wrong way. Permit me to say it this way; We have been on the wrong lane for donkey years! No development, No upgrade.

My mind flashed the memories of her living to me. For one, I couldn’t contain it. I had to let my emotions out. The video was triggering. I can’t stop thinking.

One thing I have learnt from the countries I closely observe is Proper health care. When someone loses a lot of blood, Doctors tend to get first aid treatment before looking out for stage two. Here, we don’t do that. The information registered in their head is; Ask questions, questions and more questions. That’s supposed to come right after the person’s life is saved. Unfortunately, she passed.

How does one overcome a loss? Should I say we accept it and move on? Maybe. Maybe not. Even if we get to continue from where we left off, a change has to be made. Lessons have to be learnt. We shouldn’t center on the word, “Next time.” It might be too late.

Do you know what I wished for today? I wished that she could wake up and live her life. To me, it was way too early. I reminisced on the days when we planned to celebrate our future breakthroughs and hits. She can’t be there. She didn’t even graduate from a university or earn a degree to her name.

I just hope her family heal from this. It’s heartbreaking.

Have you ever lost someone? How did you overcome it?

Take care.

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