Ask for grace.

With your hands stretched, ask.
Grace is an unquantifiable substance.

Grace is a Divine qualification.

Grace speaks louder than other attributes.

Grace is synonymous to Mercy.

Grace is celebrated.

Grace attracts admirers.

Grace is unseen but seen.

Grace is a virtue.

Grace relieves; Man calls it 'unbelievable'.

Grace is enough for all, not for one.

Ask for grace.

This post is inspired by recent experiences happening around my locality. It made me question my thinking. “What makes this other so significant? Is it qualities?” Now, I don’t want to over-hype my abilities but, I see a difference between me and the other; Grace.

I was scrolling through my feeds on LinkedIn when I stumbled upon different people celebrating their matriculation into Oxford University. How much I love their uniform is an understatement. I imagined myself on it during my little moment. That’s not where I am going, anyway. What I am trying to drive at is, I found a certain person’s post that got me interested. . . intrigued. The lady shared her experience on how she got into Oxford. She graduated from one of the numerous universities in Nigeria. Her highlight was on how she never imagined herself to be in London, standing with the masses of different races as they are welcomed into the University. Indeed, that warmed my heart. She was given the opportunity. It wasn’t by her skills alone. Something else made her get there; Grace.

Grace has taken people from Level Zero to Sky Level. I can boldly say that I have tasted from it. Tell me, have you experience it? If you haven’t, ask for it. Ask for Grace.

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