Hello, reader!

Welcome! My name is Tega; O’Tega or Oghenetega and I am a Nigerian writer and storyteller, creator, and blogger. I share my views and thoughts on any topic that my mind tells me to on blog and I want you to be part of the rollercoaster ride of fun and learning.

Learning is a journey that can never be stopped. I know you’ll have fun. My schedule for blogging isn’t constant because of limited time, academic life and other activities outside WordPress. That is why I created so many platforms for people to connect to me, incase I am not available on this site.

I have put forward accounts where you can connect with me on a few social media platforms and they’re:

Instagram: @girlfromouttaspace_ or @teggie.lala. Now, the first Instagram handle is where I vibe with people and associates, just for fun. That leaves you to my second account where I dive into something different from the usual. I write and pen down my thoughts there. I know, I may not be so regular there but, you can leave a message whatsoever, I’ll definitely reply you. If you have questions and suggestions about my blog, feel free to reach our to me. We can learn together!

Twitter; @I_am_NaijaGirl. I put my twitter account here just incase you can’t reach me on my Instagram page. That is IF you have pressing issues you want to discuss with me, I’m a PM away.

Wattpad: teggielala. I have been on this site for as long as I can remember. An Avid and dedicated reader and writer that I am, you’ll definitely find me on this platform.

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