Ask for grace.

With your hands stretched, ask. Grace is an unquantifiable substance.Grace is a Divine qualification.Grace speaks louder than other attributes.Grace is synonymous to Mercy. Grace is celebrated. Grace attracts admirers.Grace is unseen but seen.Grace is a virtue.Grace relieves; Man calls it 'unbelievable'.Grace is enough for all, not for one.Ask for grace. This post is inspired by… Continue reading Ask for grace.



Can you imagine?Underneath the night sky,sparingly scattered leaves,Wavering myself in muddy sand, that voice called me. It yelled for me.I made effort to run. To escape.Startled as I flee, the voice comes closer.At the very dead end, I knew there's no more way."I have you! Game over. Dead end!" The voice echoes from afar.I realized… Continue reading Enclosed.