It is often spoken that, it is difficult to let go. I have heard that a couple of times and I understand. It can be hard at times, most times. To let go of the muddled up things you've kept inside cannot go to the dust easily. There are certain steps to take and that… Continue reading Forgiveness.



Can you imagine?Underneath the night sky,sparingly scattered leaves,Wavering myself in muddy sand, that voice called me. It yelled for me.I made effort to run. To escape.Startled as I flee, the voice comes closer.At the very dead end, I knew there's no more way."I have you! Game over. Dead end!" The voice echoes from afar.I realized… Continue reading Enclosed.


Meet Me!: A year different.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog, if you haven't been here. Join us, there's plenty of space at the back of the last person. You'll catch up, don't worry! Yes, it's my birthday today! I am extremely grateful to see another year. Last year was, well last year. Not much excitement as the pandemic hit… Continue reading Meet Me!: A year different.


(My) Mental Stress.

The year started off on a smooth note. I had ideas on how to live my life: so many positive and practical ideas, if you ask me. I carefully mapped out everything, (since last year was really unexpected) without adding the most important thing, school. I totally forgot that universities and colleges will reconsider opening… Continue reading (My) Mental Stress.